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 Anonymous  asked:
 please dont leave!!

Aww, nonny, I’m not leaving - just taking a break! There are a few things right now that need to take priority, so I just need some time to work with. I’m moving into my new flat today, and knowing it’s an impending move to London is feels like a bit of a death sentence as someone who’s grown up in countryside next to the moors! A very close family member is also terminally ill, so obviously that needs to take precedence.

If I do come back in within the next couple of weeks, I will probably be even more infrequent with my posts than usual (and I know I’m already pretty bad |D ) - though I do have some more warpaint-esque things to finish up, so hopefully you guys can have them before I start uni. :)

Thanks for sticking with me, lovelies!

I’m tired, guys. I’ve apologised for my not being willing to perpetuate negativity over the internet - which is something I’m still standing by - but I think I’m gonna bow out of tumblr for a wee while. Downloads will still be up. :)


 Anonymous  asked:
 you spelled resources incorrectly, in your links

Aha, so I did! Thanks for pointing that out - I’m dyslexic, so my proof-reading is as bad as my typing. :)

Extra from my new layout photoshoot~ c:

Trapping’s Fuzzies 01 Beard for TS4, converted from my TS3 versions, in Pooklet’s naturals with some edited unnaturals to match the base-game colours. :)

Found in the makeup category!



Making layerable facial hair - stay tuned! c:


My favourite The Sims 3 Movie, it’s a masterpiece, if you like Silent Hill you must watch this!!

This is incredible!

Seriously though: to anyone reading this, I refuse to partake in negativity of any sort on the internet. I don’t like it, end of. I will not participate in villainizing anyone here, no matter who - not even the anon. Again, I apologise if this offends you. 

 Anonymous  asked:
 what skin or blush have you been using on your sim 4 simmies?

Oh, cripes, I use loads of different ones - I’ll have to add them to my resources! For the post part, I’m using supertrapb0lous' awesssome skin and face detail textures, and also missfortunesims' skin and nose / lip overlay. c:

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