Anonymous: hiiiiiiii i love your sims (and you, obviously)!! this is kind of off sims topic but where can i find your tumblr theme? cause i really like it but i have to have a passsword to access the theme :/ do you know anywhere else i could find it? thanks!! :)

I’m afraid I really don’t know where you can find girlmilk’s themes anymore - I got this one before her blog required a password (and it is fairly heavily edited!). :c There are a few other talented tumblr theme makers that have created similar, though!

posted 1 day ago
Anonymous: WCIF the freckles on Sorrel Riley Rose Bayliss?

They will be, without a doubt, from Vasilla’s freckles packs! You can find them here and here. c:

posted 1 day ago
Anonymous: hi :) i have been following you since 2011 and i just wanna say that i admire you because you're super nice and very kind and lovely i don't understand why there aren't more people like you out there :-)

Thank you so much, nonny! c: It always brightens my day to hear that people have been so patient as to stick with my blog for so long - I know there have been some pretty dull patches along the way. I really do appreciate all of my followers (and non-tumblr friends!) and the least I can do to show that is be the best version of myself here that I possibly can. I’m an ass sometimes - I wholeheartedly admit this! - but for you lovely people, it’s worth trying not to be. :’) 

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The Bat family (yes, all of them) have been relocated to Sunset Valley Redux. c:

This is Madrigal and Benjamin’s new house!

Madrigal just gets better with age.

(Not that you can actually tell that she’s even aged at all.)

Yolanda’s teenage siblings - Rhoslyn and Gwynedd.

Anonymous: why havent you been posting in so long =(

Been a busy bee, nonny! For the long and short of it, you can visit my “blawg”. c:

posted 2 weeks ago
Anonymous: What skin is Isaak using? It's so pretty >.<

It’s Joedy’s (therewasnothingleft) Freklz skintone. You can find it here. c:

posted 2 weeks ago
Anonymous: are you ever going to continue your legacy? T-T its been 5ever

Haha, yes, nonny, I’ll be returning to the Bat family! I’m considering moving them to a new world, though, as I’m beginning to think Pandora is too small for the rate they spawn at. @ ~  @

posted 2 weeks ago
Anonymous: You seem like the nicest Simblr owner EVER. And your CC is amazing. c: <3

Aw, nonny, this made me smile - thank you so much! I’m definitely not the nicest ever, but it makes me incredibly happy that you think so. c:


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