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Still on the fence about this dress.

Made a deep v-neck swimsuit but still got some little glitches to iron out. :)

 Anonymous  asked:
 aren't your other dogs going with you?? whats happening to them?

They’re staying with my mum, as I co-own both of them with her and it would be beyond cruel to take them away - both to her and them. They’re established in Yorkshire, whereas Ruby is used to travelling with us more. 

Saying that, I’m going to miss them like crazy! Badger is, and always has been, my baby boy - we have an extremely close bond and he pines when I’m not at home. I’m expecting to have to come home often to see my bubba!


I’m very very happy to tell you guys that after a hectic dash around London yesterday, I have found a new house! Nick, Ruby and I are hoping to have moved in completely by mid-september. c:

Any of you lovely folk in Laaaandan town?

My father was a Jarl, and a very practical man; he wished me to marry into another high family to ensure ties between lands. Ábjǫrn, though, was the son of a farmer-

And not a very good one at that.

-Aha, hush! Where was I? …Ah: so when he asked my father for my hand he was turned down almost immediately, for my father would never accept a match that did not offer him some gain! Ábjǫrn left that autumn, less than a month after the rejection, and I was fearful I would not see him again.  He did return though, some years later - after having become hirdman, a retainer, to a wealthy Jarl in the west with a promise to succeed this man in due time. Father’s face! He could not say no to such an advantageous match. 

Gave Fel Vidarsson a little makeover ‘cause I retextured some new hairs and found braided beards. c: 

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