just got cheated on
don’t know what to feel right now


posted 1 year ago
posted May 3rd 2013 at 09:09AM
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  1. paintstroke said: <333333333
  2. seafoals said: I’m so sorry this happened to you, that’s an absolutely terrible thing. *hugs* go to a place you’ve never been in before—a place not associated with him, and lose yourself in it for a day. your mind might welcome the distraction.
  3. skasumi said: I’m really sorry this happened to you. Take a day in bed if you need to - what’s most important right now is you do whatever you need to to heal emotionally.
  4. hab3rdash said: Oh my god, I’m so sorry. That’s the worst feeling ever. *hugs*
  5. bellesgrotto said: Anything you need drop me a message <3 thinking of you lovely :( so sorry!
  6. cybelliel said: I’m going through the same right now. Some people just don’t appreciate the amazing person they have right in front their eyes *hugs*
  7. pernillerose said: *huuugs*
  8. retroxdance said: *hugs* i’m sorry bb :c
  9. kosmokhaos said: >:( Someone doesn’t deserve your awesomeness. *hugs*
  10. msnikas said: *hugs*
  11. arrrrlie said: Oh God D: *hugs* I know the feeling. Honestly, cry it out, smash a few old glasses and make a date with some terrible movies, good friends and ice cream. (And if you want to talk, my ask is always open.)
  12. simberella said: I’m sorry. I know how that feels. :/
  13. suninyoursky said: Sorry :/
  14. riskywoohoo said: *hugs* I know that feel, and that feel isn’t very good. I hope you’re okay :s
  15. elleinvogue said: big hugs.
  16. aenwyn said: I’m so sorry :c
  17. sela-petrae said: Dang, hope everything works out.
  18. theratway said: <3
  19. eddix0electric said: *Hugs*
  20. spookynobs said: :c
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